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I'm currently working as a Product Designer and Art Director with the children's interior brand, Fabelab.

Fabelab designs innovative and soft products for everyday use, that are made responsibly. The brand is based in Copenhagen Denmark, with retailers around the world.

Fabelab has expanded the collection and brought in new patterns, products and characters. In 2018, we launched a new line of kids craft and DIY kits called "Mini Makers" 

In addition to designing products, I work on catalogue designs (SS17 onwards), packaging design, photo styling/editing, kids workshops, and production/ development.

You can refer to recent catalogues to see what we have been up to. 


Photos: Choki Lindberg for Fabelab



Alexander Calder inspired this collection of children’s wallpaper and bedroom textiles. His work varried in medium but the collection is heavily inspired by his wire sculptures and circus preformance sculptures. Calder had a playful mind and experimented with material often. The circus collection encouages a playful imagination, giving children abstract shapes and patterns that they can then use to create a world within their bedroom. The colours provide options for both boys and girls. The bedding and fabric designs continue the circus theme as well. The Circus Collection is a clean and modern example of wallpaper design. 


Children are able to see the world differently, optimistically, and without boundaries. Finley is a children’s bedding set designed to open up the possibilities of an everyday object. It is made to inspire imaginative growth within children by creating an abstract playscape for storytelling and pretend play. A playscape by definition is designed for everyone to experience play in an open-ended form. Finley is a gender neutral product range with goals for a sustainable future. The Finley Playscape includes a duvet set featuring a detachable tent, pillows, pyjamas and stuffed toys, all of which act as starting points to spark a child’ s imagination, using the bed as a play surface. 

Photography - Nicholas Kalimin


Woodlands collection

Natural dyes create a feeling within a textile that synthetic dyes are unable to do. They have a story, and an origin that makes the dye itself as unique as it’s colour. These bow ties were dyed with all natural materials harvested locally in Toronto. The mordants tin, alum, copper and iron were used to further manipulate the colour creating soft but masculine tones suitable for a bow tie. The process began with an exploration of tree bark used to make dyes. The bark was harvested within toronto as well, and experimented with to create a growing dye chart. Each bowtie comes with its colour story and recipe.

Dyes Used:

  • Cabbage
  • Rhododendron leaves
  • Golden Willow tree bark
  • Pine tree bark 


This smock was designed for personal use in the studio, or while teaching. It breaks down a cardboard box, looking at the box at a starting point the way children do, creating anything from its form that can be imagined. The box flaps create formations, this is reminiscent of cloud formations and drawing connections from positive and negative space. The smock acts as a simple reminder that the imagination is limitless and there are always new and different ways of looking at something. It is silkscreened on a hemp cotton canvas, durable for studio work. 


Graphic Design

Handmade Wedding Invitation Suite

Screen printed wedding invitations, handmade for a Ward's Island wedding reception. A clean look with a friendly and fun typeface to set the relaxed mood of an island wedding. Soft blush keep the invite reminiscent of a garden wedding while the pop of orange brings in fall colours in a fresh way. Photo: Kel Hudson. 


Fabelab SS18 Catalogue

One of the Catalogues designed for Fabelab's SS18 Wanderlust collection. Using the phrase "you don't have to go far to wander" as a jumping off point, we developed the catalogue and styled shoots to capture a curiousity of everyday things. You can view the full catalogue and past catalogues on Fabelab's Issuu profile here. 


Minimalist Wedding Invitations

Simple invitations designed for my own city hall wedding in Copenhagen. Invites were wrapped up with a fresh sprig of eucalyptus in each. They were sent out in handmade velum envelopes for a contemporary and airy feeling.


To Do Book

This illustrated To Do book features a checklist of 25 activities for couples to do together. Activities range from daily routines to new experiences. There is something here for everyone and every season. Books were printed and sold.

Nicole & Owen Wedding Invitations

Custom wedding invitations, menus and signage were created for Nicole and Owens Ireland wedding. They chose a classic style with a fun pop of yellow and a clean grey base to reflect their playful but refined wedding celebration.

Gift Wrap

This gifting line was inspired by the Danish word "Hygge", which roughly translates to a feeling of coziness. Winter Wrap includes four designs silkscreened on Furoshiki wraps, wrapping paper, trinket bags and cards. The warm creams, browns and greens are paired with greys and moody blues to mimic the fall and winter seasons "hygge" against dreary winter sky. 



A collaborative project with Sabs Feigler ID. We create handmade home goods. Our tea towels, pillows and wash cloths are handmade from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with homemade avocado nature dyes. Each piece is dipped individually, giving each towel its own unique character. Garlands come in a variety of sizes and are needle felted from 100% wool. Our spoons are hand carved from salvaged wood and finished with a walnut oil. Salt and pepper shakers are lathed and closed tight with a cork. Moose and mouse is playful in our process and refined in our product, maintaining sustainable practice is an important part of our line.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, or are a retailer and would like to see a price list, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Tactile Blanket Sketches

Woven samples for a proposed children's blanket collection surrounding the idea of tactile play and association.