Handmade Wedding Invitations

csinvites-1 copy cropped.jpg

Despite my love for parties and event styling, until the past two years, I wasn't thinking much about my own wedding or what I would like it to include, but there was one thing I was sure of for quite some time, and that was to make my own handmade invitations. 

I had big dreams for these invites, I debated making my own paper, tested dyeing the paper with homemade natural dyes (quickly scrapped that idea after my bulk tests proved to be quite finicky), and I knew I wanted to screen print them myself.

Well, I did the last one.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 2.08.04 PM.png

I started out with designs for maps, drew floral illustrations, had coloured backgrounds and slowly I found myself simplifying more and more until I was happy.


After I had a design I liked I joined a fablab to shoot the silk screen, then brought it back to our home studio to get printing. My dreams of fine details and serif typefaces quickly became a bolder, and more fun font due to the technical challenge. In the end, I think I was able to create something (whether I knew it or not) that perfectly fit the mood of our event while keeping things clean and modern. When the invites were all printed, I tied them up with a string, stuffed the envelopes and sealed them with wax. The wax seal, stamps and envelopes were all important details for me that could not be missed. 


After everything was sent out I was fortunate to have the talented Kel Hudson (@sequiokelley) come by our place and we styled some lovely photos of the cards. Her pictures are gorgeous and really elevated the whole shoot. We even tried a few with a deep evergreen background. 

csinvites-3 copy.jpg

I am so happy with how it all turned out and I hope to be able to do more invitation suites in the future!