Floral Arranging Trials


I love flowers. 


I love shopping for them at the market in Copenhagen, and touring around the city to get different selections from different florists. When I bring them home, by favourite part by far is cleaning up the stems, this is to allow the flowers to get all of the water they need, and clear a bit of space in the arrangements (leaving the leaves on can get a little messy). 


This weekend I worked away at a few different bouquets, a flower bowl centre piece and played around a little with bud vases and garlands. I am doing my own flowers for our Toronto wedding and though the flowers in my trials will differ slightly due to changing seasons, I want all of the practice I can get. 


In Toronto I have contacted numerous flower farms and growers and am trying to collect mainly locally grown flowers. I will do a blog post to follow up on this and how I did it, who I used, and how much I used later on, in case any fellow DIY brides out there are looking for some inspiration and a jumping off point. 

Caitlyn RyallComment