Dinner, Dyeing and Drinks


As summer comes to an end here in Denmark, it is the perfect time for cosy indoor activities and evenings with friends. 

Last week I hosted a Natural Dyeing workshop with a friend to bring some fellow creatives together and teach some new techniques. We started with a dinner of roasted vegetables and textured salads (homemade by the Lovely @Ylfagronvold) and after good food and conversation jumped into our dyeing. As our project we dyed handmade linen napkins. The fabric was pre-mordanted in a soy milk water, to avoid any chemicals. We used Avocados (always a favourite) and Eucalyptus as our dyes. While the napkins soaked in the natural colour, it was time for dessert, our homemade apple pie. The napkins came out beautifully, nearly all opted for a soft ombre effect. All in all a really lovely way to spend a Thursday Evening! 

Photos: Mia Loiselle

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