Insta Gift Exchange

The holiday spirit is creeping in as the weather gets colder, and I am in the mood for gift giving!

I joined an Instagram Secret Santa through the account @thislittlewandering the other day and though it was such a cute idea, why not organize one of my own?

The Concept:

Through Elfster you can register for an international secret Santa, you will not know who you’ll get or where they live until the draw. There is no price minimum or maximum and homemade/ handmade gifts are encouraged! If you prefer to ship only within your country, you can select this option when you sign up, however keep in mind this can limit the gifts sent internationally. There is always a chance you will not receive a gift, but the idea behind this is about giving ;-)

You sign up can sign up for my gift exchange through this link on Elfster. Here you will enter your address which only the person selected to send your gift will see.

Let’s create a network of giving around the world! Can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Caitlyn RyallComment