Handmade Wedding Banners


Sticking with the DIY wedding theme, I’m sharing a few process photos of our handmade banners. We created three banners, “and away we go”, “snap sign stick” - for a polaroid guest book, and “skål”- this means cheers in Danish. Due to a lack of time and easy access to screen printing, we cut stencils for our banners and airbrushed them on for a clean look. We also did our table numbers with the same method and placed the paper in a small square cube we cut a slit into.

My pro tip for making your wedding feel and look a little more custom and a little less like the rest of them? Avoid THE wedding font at all costs. You know the one, loopy, hand written and cute enough, but banning this font family from our wedding allowed us to get something that felt a little more unique.

Caitlyn RyallComment