Canadian Thanksgiving in DK- Year 3

Hosting Thanksgiving in Denmark has become a little bit of a tradition for us. It’s a little thing that makes us feel at home and brings together our little Danish family of friends. We started out hosting a dinner for 21, last year we scaled back to 16, but given that our wedding was last weekend, this year we had a small dinner for 8. It was the perfect evening of good food and company.

This year we brought home some graham crackers from Canada and made a graham cracker crust for our pumpkin pie, along with a classic apple. Our stuffing and gravy was vegetarian (we actually find we put more effort into the flavour and get even better results (and bonus, everyone is included).

As per my tradition since I was about 8 years old, I went for a walk and gathered all of the pretty berries, drying leaves and foliage I could fit in my bag then headed home to create some wreaths using brass rings. The leftovers were put towards a table garland.

Caitlyn RyallComment